A week with MWA

by Andrew Martin


I recently spent one week with the MWA Nova team in Berlin.  As you are able to see in our products section of the website, we are resellers for MWA products. The purpose of my visit was to continue my MWA training in installation and technical support. 

MWA kindly provided accommodation in one of their apartments located directly above the manufacturing facility. MWA is about 20 minutes from the centre of Berlin, so fairly central for a specialised facility. The first thing that struck me about the facility was the history of the company portrayed by the audio components MWA have manufactured on display dating back to 1920’s, all the way through to latest products on offer today.

During my visit I got hands on training on technical support and installation of MWA products including FlashTransfer Vario, FlashScan HD, and the MB51 magnetic/optical 35/16mm film player. I spent time with a team of around thirty staff with a variety of impressive skill sets, including product developers, machinists, software developers and sales engineers. It was great to spend time with each of the teams at various points of the production process, installation procedures and modifications to existing hardware. It sure was a busy week with a full itinerary, one morning I went from servo calibration to software development just before morning tea! Every day was well organised and everyone was very open with their knowledge and experience.

An important part of the training was the installation procedure. Although all products are carefully calibrated in the Berlin facility, it’s necessary to make sure all components are finely tuned ready for use at the point of operation. After my week with the team, I’m able to provide a get-up-and-running install and operator training for MWA products.

It’s great technology, and refreshing to see more products that have archives directly in mind. Some of the features that I found most impressive are specifically designed to care for the handling of archival material (fragile or shrunken film) i.e. a cold scatter diffused LED light source with full primary colour control, sprocket-less transport using a laser shrinkage detector, large rollers for a more gentle film wind, and Particle Transfer Rollers.

It was a great opportunity to work with the MWA team, and I look forward to returning to Berlin in the future for more training.