Sony's recent announcement puts more pressure on maintaining videotape archives.

by Adam Hodgkinson

Sony Professional announces sales discontinuation of 1/2 inch VTRs and camcorders with service support provided until March 2023.

With the global trend of migration towards file-based operation, Sony plans to cease sales and distribution of Professional Video Tape Recorders/Players/Camcorders, targeting around the end of March, 2016. Sony will continue to provide repair services for Professional Video Tape Recorders/Players/Camcorders, until the end of March, 2023. The supply of Professional Tape Media will continue and is not impacted by this decision.

Sony greatly appreciates the world-wide use of its 1/2 inch VTR series and remains committed to enhance the content creation business with further technology development and advancement.

This announcement covers the following Sony Professional 1/2 Video Tape Recorders/Players/Camcorders: J-H1, J-H3, J-30SDI,HDW-S2000, HDW-M2000, HDW-M2000P, HDW-M2100, HDW-M2100P, HDW-2000, HDW-D2000, HDW-1800, HDW-D1800, HDW-S280,MSW-2000, MSW-A2000P, MSW-M2000P, MSW-M2100P, DVW-M2000P, DVW-2000, DVW-2000P HDW-F900R,HDW-650,SRW-5100, SRW-5500,and SRW-5800.