Front page news - what does Canberra need to drive its tech sector?

by Adam Hodgkinson

In late 2015 we took out top honours in the ICT category of the ACT Chief Ministers Export Awards. The win was the catalyst for an interview with the Canberra Times, as they sort the opinion of one of Canberra’s leading small ICT businesses.

The title of the article is “Future Canberra: DAMsmart founder seeks IT superhighway of the interview.” It was the second instalment in a four-part series on broadening the ACT's economic base.

The key challenge that Joe points to is that of internet speed. This is particularly critical as we continue to grow and we continue to service clients both around Australia and overseas. The ability to provide customers with an option to return digitised content from videotape, film and audio tape collections over the internet would significantly increase the efficiency of a project, reduce risk and provide greater continuity in data management. 

Joe also pointed to opening up Canberra airport to international flights, which would enable greater access to the world and remove travel hurdles, potentially making it more attractive to overseas talent and businesses. It would also speed up freight service times as goods would not have to go through other hubs before being shipped to Canberra. Like the digital superhighway, as we move large physical audiovisual collections, this would be very beneficial. 

This is the article

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