Audio digitisation
Transform your audio tape archive into a usable digital collection

Some of the most culturally significant oral histories, research projects and radio collections are kept on magnetic audio tape formats like audio cassette and 1/4-inch reels. Like any magnetic tape based media, audio tape has a very limited lifespan. Surprisingly, so do DAT tapes and even CDs (they begin to deteriorate after only a few short years). And all formats continue to be put at further risk due to technology obsolesce.

At DAMsmart, we can help you to preserve your collection and make it accessible and sharable. We can convert all of your audio collection to the highest quality digital formats, with no loss of quality. In fact, in most cases, we look to improve the quality of your audio in the process.

  • We transform virtually any media - We can digitise or conform audio from virtually any format, including  1/4 inch reels, audio cassette tape, CD and DAT.
  • Global best practice - Our digitisation systems and workflows have been developed, and are operated in line with the recommendations of IASA-TC 04.
  • Broadcast quality equipment - For playback of your master audio we use broadcast quality decks that have professionally balanced analogue XLR outputs. All playback heads have their azimuth aligned for optimum fidelity of the recorded signal. And we encode your digital audio using high quality A/D converters.
  • High quality digital formats - We can encode to many audio formats, from preservation BWF files through to MP3 for quick and easy access.
  • Rejuvenation - We provide a range of best practice methods to return degraded and damaged media to optimal condition before the collection is digitised.
  • Mass audio migration - We provide flexible and scalable workflows that can adapt to the needs of individual projects from small collections with a preservation focus to large archives that are being digitised for the sole purpose of access.
  • Digital enhancement services - Our primary focus when digitising is to provide a precise, exact digital copy of the analogue source, however, we can provide a range of digital enhancement services to meet specific needs.
  • Experienced - We have completed projects for the State Library of NSW, AIATSIS, Fryer Library at the University of Queensland, ANU archives and many more. This is what our clients say.
  • Optional Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems - We can design and commission a DAM system so that you can easily store, find & share your content. From a small single workstation system to an enterprise-grade solution, we can provide you with the tools to maximise the value of your new digital collection. Learn more…
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Why digitise?

Save your content from technology obsolescence.

Share your content and engage your community.

Reduce storage and access costs related to physical media.

Preserve content for future generations.

Commercialise your archive.

Leverage the benefits of managing digital content.

Official digitisation services supplier to:

The National Archives of Australia and The National Film and Sound Archives.

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