Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems
Manage, access, share.

Server videotape digitisation

Digitisation is only part of converting your legacy archive into valuable digital assets. Managing your archive post-digitisation, having the tools to securely store, search, enhance, preserve and share your digital content will mean you can maximise the value of your collection.

If you don’t already have a system in place, we can help you to design and implement a DAM system to suit the needs of your organisation. From an open standards LTO data tape archive through to high-capacity, high-performance archives controlled by enterprise Media Asset Management software, we can design and customise a DAM system that will allow you to realise the potential of your digital collection.

  • Tested solutions - We have delivered DAM systems for a range of customers from archives to broadcasters.
  • Supports all media formats - Video, audio, documents and images. 
  • Secure and accessible - The collection is on your premises, in your custody. You know where it is and it is accessible all the time. Our systems can also be configured with web access to expand the reach of your archive.
  • Non-proprietary format - All of your files are archived in non-proprietary formats. So if you decide to use a different system in the future, you won't be constrained by your content, nor will you have to pay to have it all converted to a generic format.
  • Intuitive - We have a range of clients, from novice technologist to broadcast engineers, so we make sure the digital archive suits the audience.
  • Scalable - We configure our systems with software and hardware platforms that will enable your digital archive to grow with you. 
  • Flexible - Our solutions will enable you to customise workflows and controls to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
  • Commissioning and training - We will work with you to design a system to suit your needs. Once we have established the right solution, we will commission it onsite and train your team in how to get the most out of your digital archive.
  • Ready to use archive  - If you appoint DAMsmart to digitise your collection and you are purchasing a system from us, we can archive your digital collection directly into your system. That way when we commission your system at your premises the collection will be available and ready for use from day one.
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Why digitise?

Save your content from technology obsolescence.

Share your content and engage your community.

Reduce storage and access costs related to physical media.

Preserve content for future generations.

Commercialise your archive.

Leverage the benefits of managing digital content.

Official digitisation services supplier to:

The National Archives of Australia and The National Film and Sound Archives.

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