Film digitisation
Full HD from 16 and 35mm film

Is your valuable content kept on 16mm and 35mm film? Unfortunately, when film isn't managed properly, it can start to deteriorate in as little as 15 years. And regardless of its age, film is becoming harder and harder to access.

But there is a way you can access and preserve your content - and its financial or cultural value - indefinitely. By digitising your film archive you can immediately turn your depreciating film archive into a valuable and usable digital asset.

Even if you think your film is too far gone - too old or damaged - we can probably still digitise it. And the results will be much better than you'd hoped.

  • Film formats - We can digitise large gauge film formats, including 16 and 35mm sound and vision.
  • Film preservation professionals - We have film preservation professionals in-house. They have years of experience cleaning, preparing and salvaging deteriorated film, including 'vinegar syndrome', shrunken film, damaged splicing and damaged reels.
  • Optimised for archival film digitisation - We use continuous capstan film transport, so we can manage large reels, dramatically reducing the risk of damage to delicate film material during the transfer process.
  • High Definition output for 16 and 35mm - We create High Definition digital video output for 16 and 35mm film, with a resolution of up to 1080p (Full HD). We can also do Standard Definition if that's all you need.
  • Proven track record - We have digitised film for Museum Victoria, the National Gallery of Australia, the University of Wollongong and many more.This is what our clients say.
  • Optional Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems - We can design and commission a DAM system so that you can easily store, find & share your content. From a small single workstation system to an enterprise-grade solution, we can provide you with the tools to maximise the value of your new digital collection. Learn more…
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Why digitise?

Save your content from technology obsolescence.

Share your content and engage your community.

Reduce storage and access costs related to physical media.

Preserve content for future generations.

Commercialise your archive.

Leverage the benefits of managing digital content.

Official digitisation services supplier to:

The National Archives of Australia and The National Film and Sound Archives.

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