Onsite digitisation
Keep all your valuable archives onsite
while we convert them

If you have an extensive broadcast video library, or a particularly sensitive media collection, shipping it to our Canberra facility may not be the best solution for you.

Fortunately, your archive doesn't always need to come to us. Instead, we can come to you and digitise onsite.

  • No compromise in quality - We use the same SMART workflow principles when we come to you, that we use in our Canberra facility, so the quality of the digitised content is identical.
  • Customised mobile digitisation unit - Our mobile digitisation units can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of your project - from a compact single-stream system assembled inside a road case, right through to a full-scale digitisation centre housed inside a shipping container.
  • Integrate with your infrastructure - Our customised mobile digitisation units can plug straight into your DAM or storage infrastructure.
  • Video, film or audio - Anything we can do in our Canberra facility, we can do in one of our mobile digitisation units.
  • We can train you - If you'd like to be in complete control, we can train your employees to operate and manage our system, and provide comprehensive support.
  • Peace of mind - Rest easy, knowing that your sensitive content doesn't have to go anywhere to be digitised.
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Why digitise?

Save your content from technology obsolescence.

Share your content and engage your community.

Reduce storage and access costs related to physical media.

Preserve content for future generations.

Commercialise your archive.

Leverage the benefits of managing digital content.

Official digitisation services supplier to:

The National Archives of Australia and The National Film and Sound Archives.

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