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Our team is very passionate about saving history and getting the best possible result for our clients - no matter how big the project. Here’s what some of our clients have said about our work.


State Library of NSW - Digitised over 3,500 audiotapes.

The State Library NSW engaged DAMsmart initially in 2014 for a pilot project digitising out at risk Oral History and Sound Recordings collection. DAMsmart not only demonstrated their excellent ability at professional standard digitisation for preservation but also where exceptional to work with. Due to the success of the pilot project the Library were pleased to engage DAMsmart for our mass digitisation project in 2015. This engagement required DAMsmart to digitise  a large amount of collection material in a very short time frame. Not only did they effectively manage the high risk project, they were excellent in demonstrating their abilities to meet our project reporting and risk management requirements they also produced an extremely low rate of errors, all of which were expected in this environment.

The high quality of services produced by DAMsmart in all areas of the relationship has given the library the confidence to continue to work with them. The team are professional and trusted and I would recommend DAMsmart to anyone who is considering services of this nature.

Scott Wajon, Manager, Digitisation.

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National Archives of Fiji

National Archives of Fiji - Digitised over 2,000 hours of content.

DAMsmart have done amazing work for the people of Fiji! They have salvaged and digitised over 2000 hours of audio visual heritage, which is having a real impact on Fijians. This footage holds important cultural practices, some of which have passed from everyday life and is now being utilised by the Ministry of Taukei (Indigenous) Affairs to “revitalise” and promote such observances at the community level, and at the national level. In this very real way DAMsmart are guardians of Pacific culture. In addition, they are always looking at helping out. They stick around, and we know we can always count on them.

Opeta Alefaio, Director.

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The Australians at War Film Archive - Digitised 16,000 videotapes.

Digitising and preserving the irreplaceable interviews that make up the Australians at War Film Archive was a critical matter, not only for us, but for all those who will want access to these astonishing personal records now and well into the future. DAMsmart was our first and last choice for this project because of their integrity, efficiency and complete care of the client’s valuable assets. The project was completed on time and on budget and it’s hard to ask for more.

Michael Caulfield, Project Director.

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Kimberly Language Resource Centre - Digitised a mixed media collection.

We approached DAMsmart to assist with the preservation of precious language resources at the Kimberley Language Resource Centre. They stood out from other suppliers as a company with a strong record of dealing with heritage collections, providing services to a number of leading institutions. We knew that standards for ensuring future migration and management of the digital copies of our heritage recordings were important factors, so we chose DAMsmart who understood our need to preserve these resources indefinitely. The team provided fantastic advice and support in the planning phase of the project, so we were able to identify the best resources to send for copying and devise a file naming system to ensure we could identify every one of the thousands of digital files on their return. DAMsmart were able to assist with packing and transport arrangements from Halls Creek to Canberra and back. Transport was a key concern for the KLRC, situated in a remote rural town, with limited services. 

We were delighted with the result, all of our heritage recordings safety returned to the archive, online copies of files, photos, audio and audio visual recordings all accessible on our network. This has opened up new possibilities for us in supporting language preservation in the Kimberley and we look forward to working with DAMsmart in future to further the preservation of our resources.

Leedo Davis, Manager.

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Minamothu Project - Digitised over 5,000 tapes.

Over the past two years DAMsmart have been helping with the mass digitisation of the Lew Griffiths video library. This library contains over 5,000 video tapes. 

As part of the Minamothu Archive, it’s the life's work of the Walkley and AFI Award winning photo-journalist and documentary maker, Lew Griffiths, and an archive of national significance. DAMsmart have played a vital role in the preservation of the video section of this valuable resource. 

Their expertise in the field of digitising and data management has lead to the stream-lining of the processes needed to save these materials for future generations and their assistance in choosing the right path forward, through this complicated process, has always been sound and has lead to a better understanding of what’s required more generally to complete the whole task.

Whenever complications arise, the team at DAMsmart seem able to come up with an answer on how to resolve it, and move forward.

Paul Churcher, Chief Archivist.

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